Currently, Digital Marketing is one of the most sought after career options globally because of various reasons, one being its growth rate. While other industries are fighting with a rate of growth being 5 – 10%, Digital marketing Industry is growing at a rate of 30% which is not going to be stagnant, rather it is going to expand its horizon.

The role of Digital marketing across various industries is increasing day by day and is becoming even more relevant. Majority of the corporates are hiring the specialists in Digital Marketing. Hence it makes sense for almost all the marketing professionals to get expertize in digital marketing.

The scope for marketing professionals in this domain is increasing alarmingly. But it is advisable for the professionals to do thorough research and identify the area of specialization in order to get best out of it.

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Working professionals who are not satisfied with their current career or salary, etc. may definitely utilize this new ocean of opportunities in this field. Not only private organizations but even sectors like banks, education, medical, hospitality industry and Government sectors are employing the digital platform for their marketing needs. So, specialists who are as of now connected with both of these fields may have an advantage over their career by learning digital marketing.


In the coming years, Digital marketing would not remain just a choice but it would become the need of marketing industries because of the increasing competition and Globalization. Almost all the companies will commence to advertise their products/ services digitally apart from the traditional way of marketing. This gives ample of opportunities to the working professionals to make career in digital marketing.

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